ABViewer 8.2

ABViewer 8.2

CADSoftTools is pleased to announce the releases of ABViewer 8.1 and 8.2.

The new versions contain many new features that ease creating and editing drawings and also some improvements that make ABViewer more user-friendly.

Here is a full list of improvements and enhancements that are included into this releases:

  • Tracking mode added
  • The following snap modes added: ParallelExtensionQuadrantTangent
  • The command Poly entity input added
  • Possibility to create and use file templates added
  • Possibility to save and send drawings per e-mail added
  • New easy way of editing entities: moving elements by a single click on them, using the Shift key to disjoin markers
  • The mode of slow zoom in/out added
  • The interface of the Options dialog box changed
  • Don't save network pathsAdd comments to the file settings added
  • Work of the Adjust Display Scale setting changed
  • Work of the Match Properties tool changed
  • Work of the Trim tool changed
  • Command Full Screen is in the Ribbon under the Viewer tab
  • Floating panel Measure improved
  • Work with blocks improved
  • If Xref wasn't found with the help of the specified path, the search will be effected in the folder containing the file.
  • Display quality of DWG, DXF, DWF, CGM, PLT files improved
  • Reading and editing dimension styles improved
  • Possibility to paste metafiles from the clipboard added
  • Export to PDF improved
  • The possibility to move the tabs of the opened drawings added
  • The work of tools Copy as BMP and Copy as EMF when copying the image with the current size improved
  • The Block editor mode is marked with a blue frame
  • The work of the Undo/Redo command for blocks improved
  • The total number of circle and spline splitting is used for all the entities
  • The work of Measure tools improved
  • Saving the layer color set in RGB, corrected
  • Interface improved

Key features:

  • Tracking - helps to place objects relative to other elements. Tracking mode is a part of snap and works together with it.

  • New snap modes:

    is used to create a directing vector that begins at a specified point and is parallel to a linear segment of a polyline, line, leader and other linear objects of the drawing.

    is used to create a tracking line that is the extension of a linear object.

    snaps to the quadrant points (a quarter of the circle - 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees) of an arc, circle or ellipse.

    snaps to the intersection point of the directing vector beginning at a specified point with a circle, arc or ellipse.

  • New easy way of editing entities - with the help of selection markers that are located in the control points of the object. To edit entity, you need to select a blue marker and move it using mouse.

  • File templates - store custom settings like text styles, dimension styles, layers. They can also include any entities. A file that was created on base of a template will have the settings and objects of the selected template.

  • Save and send command - allows to save the current drawing and send it via e-mail. The file can be attached to the message as DXF, PDF or ZIP-archive.

Download ABViewer: CAD viewer, editor and converter

If you are using ABViewer 7, you can upgrade to these improved versions for 50% of the license price. ABViewer 8 users can obtain the new versions for free.

We will be glad to answer all your questions concerning technical capabilities, improvements and license options. We truly appreciate any feedback on this question.

Thank you very much for dealing with our company and for your time!

With best wishes,
CADSoftTools Team
SoftGold Ltd.