ABViewer 8.2

16.10.2012 10:10

CADSoftTools is pleased to announce the releases of ABViewer 8.1 and 8.2.

The new versions contain many new features that ease creating and editing drawings and also some improvements that make ABViewer more user-friendly.

Here is a full list of improvements and enhancements that are included into this releases:

  • Tracking mode added
  • The following snap modes added: ParallelExtensionQuadrantTangent
  • The command Poly entity input added
  • Possibility to create and use file templates added
  • Possibility to save and send drawings per e-mail added
  • New easy way of editing entities: moving elements by a single click on them, using the Shift key to disjoin markers
  • ...


ABViewer 8

10.10.2011 07:52

CADSoftTools est heureux de vous présenter une nouvelle version de sa Visionneuse, Editeur et Convertisseur de fichiers CAO - ABViewer 8!

La liste des fonctions et améliorations nouvelles comprend:

  • ruban interface;
  • le panneau d’entrée dynamique;
  • l’addition du tableau;
  • rédaction de fenêtres flottantes (chqnge d’échelle, déplacement des elements);
  • OLE supporté;
  • support d’Unicode absolut;
  • affichage de XREFs amélioré;
  • affiochage de fichiers des formats CGM, SVG, DXF, DWG et PLT amélioré;
  • exportation aux formats CGM, SVG et DXF améliorée.