Established in 2000, Soft Gold Ltd, «CADSoftTools» trademark develops a line of software products for  industrial and construction drawings. CADSoftTools aims to do its customers' work with design and project documentation as convenient and effective as possible.

At present, CADSoftTools customers are thousands of companiesin more than 100 countries worldwide, among which  are LG HealthCare and Samsung in Korea, Hitachi Power Europe in Germany, Boeing in the USA, etc. At the same time, the users of CADSoftTools products include industrial and construction companies, firms specializing in programming and working with engineering documentation as well as private individuals.

This is its own kernel in reading, saving and editing formats of AutoCAD ™ DWG, DXF and DWF; HPGL: PLT, SPL; SVG and CGM that underlies CADSoftToolssolutions.

The main products of the company are the following:

- user programs, like ABViewer;

- libraries for developers in Delphi, .NET, C++, VB, ASP, Javascript;

- plug-ins for Total CommanderIrfanView and XNView

- free online service for working with drawings

One of the most popular products developed by CADSoftTools is ABViewer, a multifunctional tool for CAD design and construction documents. Being translated into more than 30 languages, ABViewer is a powerful, professionaltool for viewing drawing files with features of a professional vector editor.

One of the most important areas of work of the company is libraries for software developers. For instance, CAD Import VCL and CAD Import .NET are multipurpose libraries with a wide scope of use which are necessary for developing applications in a vast range of industrial sectors, such as mechanical engineering, building, circuit technology, cartography, and analytic systems where it is necessary to work with CAD file formats. The main advantage of CAD Import VCL and CAD Import .NET is the ability to create applications for managing CAD files (for example, AUTOCAD® files) in Delphi and Microsoft Visual Studio development environment fast and without any additional external applications. The libraries possess a powerful toolset which gives every programmera possibility to create the required solutions in the areas whereprocessing, displaying and saving of vector drawings are involved.

CADSoftTools always seeks to keep up with the times and to follow the modern trends in the field of programming. The developers of the company launched a free internet service, which allows to view drawings online in a web browser on any platform: Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone. 

A flexible policy makes CADSoftTools products, services and license terms available for both large and small companies. Experienced specialists are always happy to provide you with the necessary support and advice.

CADSoftTools is everything you need for working with CAD formats!