ABViewer. Recenze zákazníků

ABViewer. Recenze zákazníků

Jack van Deur, Quinfox, Netherlands

We tried ABViewer professional version 12 and it works like a charm. The floating license option is a must-have for all companies with citrix or RDS clients. I like the fact that you can edit your drawings as well. This way you can make an adjustment and send it back to effectuate the change without a lot of explaining. The software is fast and smooth even with bigger 3D drawings. What's just as important as good working software is good working support. And CadSofttools has just that. They are quick to reply to your emails and know their product.

Jack van Deur,

Gary Smallwood

Great programs BTW. I get a lot of mileage from the Total Commander plug-in I am considering getting the IrfanView plugin also. I debated back and forth for about a year deciding why this ABViewer and CADView Plugin for TC were enough of an upgrade to justify paying, rather than using a free viewer, as you know there are several. I finally took the plunge, and I am glad I did there are many features I didn't consider essential until I tried them on ABViewer now I can't do without.

Gary Smallwood

Steve Morton, USA

I built a 2D cnc machine in my basement to hold a plasma torch. Using Solid Works, which is a 3D cad design software package, I designed the objects I wanted to cut out using my plasma table. I would then make a drawing of that part and dimension all of the start and end points of each line, arc, circle, etc. Each of these points would have an X and Y co-ordinate that was at some distance from an initial X0, Y0 location. This would be my start point in writing the G code necessary to control the plasma table software to cut the part out of the material being used. I became quite good at hand writing G code but soon found that it took a lot of time and became cumbersome. I had looked at many companies offering DXF file conversion to G code software but CADSoftTools seemed like a winner. So, I downloaded their trial software and then stumbled along trying to learn how to use it for my application. I learned that the tech support team at CADSoftTools were, and are, only too willing to help me with any questions I have and to date have had great success with the software giving me the results I need.

Steve Morton,
Hurt, Virginia, USA

Yavor Markov, Bulgaria

Great products and great support. Thank you for your great job!

Yavor Markov, Bulgaria

Multinorm d.o.o., Croatia

In our company we use ABViewer for things that helps us speed our business. Batch printing and converting has become critical feature in daily job. And with the latest new feature „Measuring 3D Models“ we can replace third party CAD applications and save money. Excellent product, highly recommended for users that don't need highly priced CAD applications

Multinorm d.o.o.,

Jelle Kerkhofs, Netherlands

The program ABViewer 12 I use to open 3D-STEP since our Engineering Department uses Solid Works. Since I don’t need to design myself I only need an easy to use viewer tool like ABViewer to inspect the 3D parts which I use for building manuals. The measurement tool is handy to check important dimensions that I need to use in my manuals. The 2D editor section of ABViewer allows me to quickly sketch something up in 2D mode with a professional outlook. So, I would recommend ABViewer for who is searching for a quick and handy tool to sketch 2D drawings and view 3D files.

Jelle Kerkhofs,
Technical Sales Manager EMEA