CST CAD Navigator Survey

CST CAD Navigator Survey

We invite all the Mac users to take part in a survey about our CAD application called CST CAD Navigator and get a free one-year license for it. Your answers will help us make the application better.

How to get a free license for CST CAD Navigator?

  1. Download its 30-day trial version by following https://cadsofttools.com/download/cstcadnavigator_mac64.zip (CST CAD Navigator supports macOS 10.14 Mojave and later versions).
  2. Install the application and spend some time testing its different features.
  3. Follow https://forms.gle/RynqCzmzemd7Xw9n8 to fill in the survey. Please give detailed answers. If you need to send additional files (ex. screenshots), please send them at info@cadsofttools.com.
  4. As soon as we get your answers, we will send a one-year license to your email address.

Feel free to contact us at info@cadsofttools.com if you face any difficulties or have any questions.

Best wishes,
CADSoftTools Team